Concord 51 PAC Newsletter - Politico Update

Posted on March 11, 2013

It has been an exciting 72 hours to say the least.  Politico's profile on C51 could not have come at a better time, and our inboxes have been overflowing with interest from conservative activists, the leading Republican groups, public officials, candidates for public office, students seeking internships, reporters/TV producers, and most importantly people just like you, asking "how can I help?"

To start, we hope you will JOIN US by becoming a member ($16 - $1,500) / investing in us (max $5,000) and helping us to continue the strong momentum.  Join one of our local chapters in place or help us establish new ones in your community and let your friends/family/colleagues know what we are up to.  We are planning an aggressive campaign to broaden our base and win over our the millions of young folks who we believe after learning about us will fully support our mission.  While common sense to most of us, we think our 'enlightened' platform is the vehicle to achieve the potential we know for those who share our vision for a more competitive and economically viable country.
We need your financial support and your commitment to help us grow our group to reach our ambitious goals of energizing the millions of Americans we know are and can be on our side.  Please invest in our movement today - we will be communicating more about the 501(c)4 vehicle we are launching in the coming months to accept larger contributions to fund mobile advertising, opinion research and the best engagement technology out there.

For those who have not read our response to the Politico article on Facebook, please see it pasted in full below along with the original text of the story.  Please also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you have not done so already.  Here are some interesting activities C51 is working on:

  We hope you will follow our work this week with leading millennial outlet PolicyMic where we are hosting a series of forums on how to best attract and engage young conservatives. imageC51 Board members will be posting essays alongside leading conservative figures and we hope you, our members, will stop by the discussions to comment and vote on which posts are the most compelling.  Check out and 'Mic' C51 co-founder Matt Swift's first article today on why we need a new approach for today's conservative voters- please "Mic" it upon signing up to participate on PolicyMic!
BOARD MEMBER OP-ED IN POLITICO THIS WEEK:  Look out for Andrew Fadale's article "Death, Taxes, and Marriage Equality," a data driven assessment of the voter trends, set to be published Tuesday, March 12 in Politico. image

BOARD MEMBER ARTICLE IN THE ATLANTIC:  Check out Charles Davi's hit piece "The Mystery of the Incredible Shrinking American Worker" published last month in The Atlantic.  Also have a look at Andrew Fadale'smillennial call to action piece in PolicyMic from January.

C51 SUPPORTS THE CAN KICKS BACK / FIX THE DEBT:  Fiscal responsibility is a core policy position of C51, imageand we fully support the great work of our friends at The Can Kicks Back and Fix The Debt.  Concord 51 is an official partner of both organizations and is working to engage millennials to educate our generation about how critical this issue is for all of us.

Concord 51 Response to Politico Article

"This morning Politico ran a story about Concord 51. That story generated quite a bit of attention for us, but it also raised a number of questions, particularly about what it is that we believe as an organization, and who we are trying to attract as members.image

We received dozens of comments and emails asking whether there is “room in your tent” for an “independent African American” or “a gay Republican”. Frankly, this is upsetting – the fact that any of you even have to ask is indicative of the poisonous narrative that has grown to dominate Republican politics, and apparently disenfranchised a large number of supporters.

For the sake of clarity – you are all welcome to join Concord 51, and we sincerely hope that you do.

The United States is on the precipice of a wildly competitive economic environment at the very same time that our national debt is projected to reach unsustainable and potentially ruinous heights. Unemployment and underemployment remain high despite a growing U.S economy. The whole world order is literally shifting under us as nations like China and India rise to capture an alarmingly large, and growing share of global GDP. With all of these grave realities staring us in the face, we as a party have wasted this country’s time staring into people’s personal lives.

We are not going to make it as a nation if we can’t set aside our differences and work together on policies that will set the ship straight.

Concord 51 is a small group, but we are growing, mainly because our ideas make sense. We are gaining traction with politicians because all of them know we are where the Republican party will be in 15 years – we’re just doing it first. Do we need to increase the diversity of our membership? Absolutely. You can help make that happen by joining us."

Politico Profile of Concord 51 - March 8, 2013


New club's not your dad's Young Republicans
By: Anna Palmer

A group of young Republicans isn’t waiting for party leaders to sort out the future of the party, they’re putting their money, time and organizing prowess to work.

Concord 51, the brainchild of a group of young fiscal conservatives in New York City in their late 20s, among others, is looking to mobilize Republicans under 35 into a national movement.

The group, launched as a political action committee in the 2012 cycle, is moving aggressively to broaden beyond the Big Apple — already to Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Charlotte, Oklahoma City and Dallas — raising more money to contribute to candidates who are aligned with their beliefs and establishing a 501(c)4 that will allow them to do advertising and issue advocacy.

They’ve also caught the attention of big-name Republicans like former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

They’re building enthusiasm around a set of conservative values that are more appealing to younger voters, they say — more inclusive of gays, minorities and women — the bigger tent that the GOP needs to build if it wants to win national elections.

“We’ve created communications and a brand that is representative of not necessarily party politics, but what we believe to be the politics of our generation,” said Matthew Swift, a co-founder of Concord 51, who works at a management company.

While much of the GOP’s public soul searching has been over the use of technology, how outside groups spent money and the need to draw Hispanics into the fold, Republicans also have fallen behind in drawing younger voters. President Barack Obama won the youth vote 67 percent to 30 percent nationally with young voters providing a significant difference in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, according to an analysis by the Center for Research and Information of Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University.

Concord 51’s founders hope to change that.

“Republicans got whipped pretty good in the election, and they are still pretty whipped,” board member Billy Fennebresque, a former hedge fund analyst who founded A2 Capital, said of Republicans status after the 2012 election. “We’re offering an outlet for people to have sort of a bigger-tent focus on Republicans, and ideally, if we can be policy-focused on specific things, support candidates for very specific reasons and policy reasons, we can cast a wider net.”

Following the election, Concord 51’s board members huddled in early December, trying to figure out how they wanted to move forward. Swift said a desire to move to a national scope was clear at that meeting.

“Everybody walked out thinking this could be a very successful national movement … the market is wide open. The competition isn’t particularly fierce, and I think the RNC would agree with us,” Swift said.

In 2013, they are looking to raise more than $500,000 for the group’s PAC and also have eyes on bringing on a full-time executive director.

The group has built out city chapters in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Charlotte, Oklahoma City and Dallas and has a presence at five universities, including Fordham, Washington and Lee, and Emory. And, this year they have plans to launch in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston. Their goals are as big as their ambition. Organizers plan to roll out a page on their website for young Republicans interested in running for office. If potential candidates fit the Concord 51 mold, organizers say they want to help train, support and cultivate them to run for public office.

They have about 300 dues-paying members and reach a couple thousand through newsletters, Facebook Twitter and attendees of their events. Concord 51 has a five-tier membership system — the lowest level asks just $16 per year. Top-tier membership, dubbed the “Elite 51” requires a $1,500 annual pledge and includes benefits like access to exclusive events and tickets to the annual holiday event. It’s unclear if the group’s organizers will be able to meet their fundraising goals, but they have already attracted support of some party elders and are also looking for funding through measures other than individual donations from young donors.

Concord 51’s draw was on display at a recent fundraiser at the New York Racquet Club headlined by former Gov. Jon Huntsman. The event, which drew more than 70 people at $175 a ticket, included a cocktail hour and dinner at which Huntsman took questions on China, gay marriage and other issues.

This is not your father’s College Republicans, always in lockstep with the party platform. These Republicans make no bones about being frustrated with GOP candidates’ propensity of focusing on social issues, which they believe is a major liability to many voters in their generation who don’t see gay marriage, abortion and other issues as central to their core beliefs.

The group has targeted their policy positions on fiscal responsibility, energy advancement and a strong defense. And welcomes conservatives who may have varying beliefs on social issues.

It’s a bold move that’s been largely welcomed by party elders who have struggled to engage the youth vote.

“I think the Republican Party looks at us as an incredible asset for the broader, longer-term political movement,” Swift said.

Dan Conston of the Congressional Leadership Fund said the party welcomes groups like Concord 51.

“Republicans are well-suited to compete and win on the congressional battlefield but if we’re going to win a national election again we need to shift our tone, tactics and targeting to reach younger and more diverse voters. We’ve become the decidedly uncool party for younger voters and we saw its impact,” Conston said. “It’s a good thing to have other like minded groups committed to broadening our base and focusing on the key few issues that affect Americans most.”

To that end, they’ve drawn high-profile lawmakers to roundtables and dinners, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad. They’ve also done events for Republicans like former New York Rep. Nan Hayworth, who lost her reelection bid.

The makeup of the group — which was started by a group of young white men, many in finance, public affairs and startups — is also emblematic of the party’s demographic problems. Swift said he is focused on increasing ethnic diversity and adding female members. A. Beaumont Allen, who is in public affairs, noted that can already be seen in the increase in women on Concord 51’s 35-member board, a third of whose members are now female.

But translating membership into action at the ballot box and engaging at the federal level aren’t necessarily a given. Republicans have tried different efforts in the past — from College Republicans to the more recent founding of MavPAC, co-chaired by George P. Bush — to energize the youth vote without much success.

In the 2012 cycle, Concord 51 raised about $116,000 but gave just $10,900 to federal candidates. They supported Mitt Romney’s presidential bid and six congressional candidates, including Illinois Rep. Robert Dold, Hayworth,former Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar, and GOP candidates Robert Turner and Heather Wilson. Most of the rest — $97,576 — went to administrative costs, legal fees, office space and an intern program. Allen said that this cycle the group expects more of the money to go toward candidates, since much of its costs were one-time fees and the administrative burdens will be more on the 501(c)4.

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